July 3, 2018

Social Media Security

What does social media mean to you?

  • You may use it for personal reasons to interact and communicate with friends and family
  • Businesses use to promote their brand and interact with customers
  • Hackers view it as a new frontier for cyber-attacks. They are using social media as a tool to perform reconnaissance and a platform to launch attacks
  • IT professionals are concerned that they have no visibility and therefore are unable to provide protection

Attackers know that we have been trained not to click on links in emails. Yes, it still happens far too often, but just as concerning is the fact that most people forget this practice when it comes to links within posts on social media. Attackers also know that there is inherent credibility built into social media where friends/connections are assumed trustworthy; providing an opening to launch malware, ransomware, etc.

Imagine if your social media followers were interacting with sites setup to impersonate you or your company. Imagine if these sites were providing counterfeit merchandise or incorrect information. Imagine if people were voicing concerns or complaints about their experience with your company. Wouldn’t you want to know?

Protecting your brand reputation on social media has emerged as a real concern for businesses leaders, marketing departments, IT departments and individuals. There are solutions available such as Zerofox, which will scour most social media sites and the darkweb for impostor sites/accounts and any mention of your business, executives and key individuals. The solution will notify you when it finds anything that is related to the company and provides actionable capabilities to block posts and take-down a site/account within hours…not weeks.

If you haven’t thought about it…you really should.

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