User and Entity Behavioural Analysis (UEBA)

Insider threat has surfaced to the security forefront for many organizations. Understanding what employees are doing within the IT environment is crucial to minimizing data exfiltration and preventing unauthorized access to company systems and data.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions collect and analyze logs in an attempt to identify unusual or suspicious activity. Traditional SEIM solutions have a reputation of being very difficult to implement and maintain. Dedicated human resources were required to continuously tune and filter false positives so that analysts could investigate actual events.

User and Entity Behaviour Analysis solutions were introduced to help reduce the tuning requirements by using ai technology to automatically build and monitor a baseline of standard behaviour. The solution would look for and correlate any deviations from the baseline to develop a risk classification so that analysts could focus on high-risk events.

Source 44 shoulders the burden of managing security alerts and investigating events within your environment.

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