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Are Hackers Interested In Small Clinics?

We are consistently reading about cyber breaches to large medical organizations, resulting in millions of dollars of damages.  While these stories should concern everyone in the healthcare industry, quite often, […]

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The Ominous Vendor Security Questionnaire

Has your organization implemented a process to evaluate the cybersecurity posture of vendors and suppliers?  Or perhaps your customers require you to complete their questionnaires?  Most would agree that the […]

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Employees Need Cyber Awareness Training

According to HR Magazine, organizations that invest $1500/annually in a formal training program see 24% higher profit margin and an increase in employee productivity.  While this is a great reason […]

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What's the Point of Collecting Logs?

Do you collect error and event logs from your systems?  Why? Some might say ‘because we are supposed to’ or ‘so that we can perform post-event analysis’.  A few might […]

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Building a Cyber Security Practice

There is no denying that the importance of cyber security has bubbled to the surface within the minds of most company leaders. With frequent headlines about breaches and the fact that […]

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Too Many Passwords to Remember!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  According to an Intel Security poll, “37% of people forget a password at least once a week”4.  There is no debating that the use of […]

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