Maturity Assessments

Cybersecurity Maturity Analysis focuses on approaching IT security holistically to reduce the likelihood of a breach. There exists a defined set of best practices, which if followed and maintained correctly can position an organization to mitigate most cyber threats.

The Source 44 Cyber Security Gap Analysis focusses on policies, procedures and practices (the 3 Ps) generally within the IT department. Our experienced analyst will conduct interviews and review the 3 Ps to gain a thorough understand the company’s current cyber security practices. The results of the engagement will compare and evaluate the company’s current state with global industry best practices.

Source 44 will extend well beyond looking at Firewalls and Endpoint Solutions to areas such as the maintenance of an inventory of authorized devices and software, a documented Incident Response Plan, data recovery and protection and account monitoring and controls. Areas found to be lacking will be highlighted and accompanied with recommendations designed to mitigate the issue.
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