Threat Intel and Social Media Protection

Threat Intelligence is providing critical cybersecurity information to help keep organizations informed of existing and new advanced persistent threats, zero-day threats and exploits. This information is used by cybersecurity teams and systems to protect against ever-growing threats.

Targeted threats require targeted defense, and cyber threat intelligence consolidates and delivers the information you need to defend your environment efficiently and proactively.

Digital Risk and Brand Monitoring can help you secure your social, web and mobile platforms; mitigating risk to the organization or the brand. Organizations must understand what is happening on the Internet and the Dark Web regarding their brands and the social media presence of the company and key employees.

As the number of channels through which companies interact with their customers expands, so does the scope of risk. Solutions are available to provide real-time social media monitoring, corrective actions and enhanced threat intelligence to help organizations maintain a safe and positive brand presence.
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